Release Notes (7/30/2019)

  • Fix to construction period SB 2030 design target
  • Fix to projects Excel export, null reference in continuous months (7/1/2019)

  • Support for the new B3 Guidelines documentation v3.1 with updated Site & Water and IEQ sections
  • All exported Excel documents bumped to v2013+
  • Tighter checking on schedule dates to ensure valid formats (per DEED Second Harvest project)
  • Last login date added to Users export to Excel
  • Fix to rogue role assignments that affected a handful of projects mid-2017 (Hormel)
  • Fix to E2A1M calculation to not double count the square footage
  • Upgrade to .NET Framework v4.7
  • Third party tools upgraded to latest - Telerik, Syncfusion
  • TWGIdentity upgraded to latest v1.19
  • Phase report team members listed out with company and clickable email (10/9/2018)

  • File import routine updated to accept xlsx format instead of xls
  • The (Pending Review) label is now suppressed for E1A at PD phase (10/3/2018)

  • All memory stream references replaced with using commands so they properly get closed
  • FileUpload control no longer set to width/height zero for disabled state (9/7/2018)

  • New parameter added to the 2 service calls to Get/Modify the SB 2030 versions
  • Project editor Admin tab now visible (but disabled) for Global Observers (8/6/2018)

  • New field 'Actual Occupancy Date' to reflect official occupancy. Prior occupancy date repurposed for meter reading start date. Actual occupancy date feeds in to Case Studies if applicable
  • New Admin tab in Project Editor. Moved from General tab
  • Ability for administrators to set current phase and current phase state in new Admin tab
  • Ability for administrators to set the SB 2030 EST version for each phase.
  • Reworking of Admin tab field names and order.
  • Sub guideline popup windows launch in their own unique window.
  • Sub guideline popup window default size enlarged. (6/14/2018)

  • Compliance email switched from Rich to Pat (settable in web.config)
  • Update to stylesheet to better handle print media
  • SB 2030 review no longer required in pre-design (PD) (5/30/2018)

  • New status of Complete/Not Compliant for SB 2030 guidelines
  • Agency approval no longer needed in ongoing occupancy
  • Updated master spreadsheet from Pat
  • New P1D logic
  • SB 2030 not met status label in phase reports (4/9/2018)

  • Fix to phase percent complete calculation for SB2030 project (3/23/2018)

  • New status field to track SB 2030 compliance and operations compliance
  • Projects export updated to include new status fields as well as guidelines version
  • Pursued guidelines now properly indicated in red
  • Password reset codes no longer invalidate prior active reset codes

5.0 (12/1/2017)

  • B3 Guidelines v3 with all new site & water guidelines

2.5 (6/15/2013)

  • Support B3 Guidelines v2.2
  • Redesign to new B3 style
  • Tool rename from MSBG to B3 Guidelines Tracking Tool

2.4 (4/16/2013)

  • Support for adjusted standard in Energy Standards tool
  • Support for small business multiplier in Energy Standards tool
  • Automated compliance email

2.3 (3/4/2013)

  • Compliance email report
  • Agency approval report

2.1 (5/1/2012)

  • Integration with B3 Benchmarking

2.0 (11/16/2011)

  • Agency reports
  • Schedule moved to P1L
  • Group and subgroup designations

1.7 (6/28/2011)

  • Ongoing occupancy

1.6.1 (3/29/2011)

  • Group and subgroup assignment

1.6 (2/24/2011)

  • Redesign of the SB 2030 calculator
  • Branded SB 2030 launch button
  • New project field 'Group', editable in the project summary tab
  • project manager much faster on load
  • Project manager allows filtering by project group
  • Export to Excel capabilities from the project manager

1.5 (1/21/2011)

  • SB 2030 special variances allowed, using special variance application form. Functions similar to partial variance, requiring renewal at each phase
  • New role 'SB 2030 Approver' created. Defaulted globally to Garrett Mosiman
  • SB 2030 Approver functions as gatekeeper between guideline leader and agency contact approval at SD phase and beyond
  • Partial variances expire and require renewal upon each new phase
  • Correction to S4D, S4E, S4F compliance rules. Now allows N/A for compliance
  • Guidelines that are pursued (but not required) better indicated in the project dashboard

v1.4 (12/3/2010)

  • SB 2030 Calculator and integration into E1C
  • SB 2030 specific project types

v1.2 (7/12/2010)

  • Updated project metrics scorecard
  • Max upload size increased 40 MB

v1.1 (5/24/2010)

  • Notes at the project level. Editable by administrators, viewable by users.
  • Global compliance check re-run after a change to any guideline. User is warned if their change affects other already approved guidelines
  • Entry of guidelines allowed that aren’t necessarily applicable at the given phase. Guidelines will still show in gray, but allow entry
  • Entries are automatically copied forward to future phases after each entry. This helps users work ahead without being encumbered by re-entering data
  • All answers shown in phase report, even if not applicable at the given phase

1.0 (12/28/2009)

  • Version one